2015-10-30 06:35:51
ex 9 și 12 vă rog mult help me eeee !!
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2015-10-30 12:10:29

9. You are going to a birthday party tonight. Answer these questions: 1. What are you going to wear? I’m going to wear my red bow new dress. 2. What are you going to take with you? I’m going to take with me a really nice present. 3. How are you going to get there? I’m going to get there with my mother’s car. 4. What are you going to eat/ drink? I’m going to eat cake and drink apple juice. 5. What time are you going to leave the party? I’m going to leave the party at 10 o’clock, as everyone else. 6. How are you going to get home? I’m going to get home with Mary’s mother, who is picking up both of us.   12. look at the pictures and at the prompts. In teams, make sentences about what is going to happen. 1. My sister is picking flowers. 2. Angela and Maria are scoring a basket. 3. Mark is listening to music in his room. 4. Andrew is drinking a glass of water. 5. Tony is writing a letter. 6. My brother is catching the ball. 7. My mother is making an omelette. 8. Margaret and Tavy are buying a dress for my aunt. 9. Marcus is watching TV. 10. David is going for a swim.

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